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2015 PNGAS Annual Conference

PNGAS Board Meeting



"Here to Stay" PNGAS 2015 Conference Agenda.

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CONFERENCE ATTENDEES! We're looking forward to seeing you next week! Click here for an updated agenda.  Click here for parking information. And see below for the conference attire policy.




All members are invited to submit resolutions for consideration during the annual PNGAS Conference. State and national resolutions inform our legislative teams and set our priorities for legislative action. A resolution will be our statement on manpower, force structure, roles and missions, equipment, personnel policy, family issues, and other matters impacting our lives as Service Members. You may submit a resolution in a simple ISSUE:, BACKGROUND:, RECOMMENDATION: format to LTC Dale Waltman at dale.waltman Current standing resolutions of our national organizations are available for review at and  Deadline for resolutions is April 17, 2015.

Contact your Senators and Congressman regarding the FY 2015 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) and recommend that they delay action on the transfer of the National Guard's Apache helicopters until the completion of a thorough independent review.

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Contact your US Representatives today about the Defense One paper by Ret. Lt. Gen. David Barno

Don't let the National Defense Panel ignore The National Guard :  "As multiple reports have noted, these part-time forces are less expensive, while they retain critical equipment and skilled personnel."

1. The reserves offer unique capabilities that should not be vested in the active component.

2. Guard and reserve formations in 2014 are repositories of some of the most modern weaponry and combat-experienced troops ever fielded by the nation.

3. Of all the options to offset active force shortfalls in wartime - including extended "stop loss," greater use of contractors and longer deployments - reserve formations are arguably the most inexpensive and effective way to rapidly fill needed capabilities.

Click on the Defense One link to read the paper.

Notice of  Availability.  The  Pennsylvania National Guard Associations (PNGAS) and the Pennsylvania National Guard Foundation (PNGF) announce that pre-orders for the limited edition, fine-art prints of “Saluting Washington” by Larry Selman, are now being accepted.   All prints are signed and numbered by the artist and accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity. 


These beautiful prints depict a milestone in Pennsylvania's military history. PNGAS members receive a discount on top of  the pre-order (early-bird) discount.  Go to for more information.

Click here for more information and to get your order form.  Quantities are limited. Order now and save and help Pennsylvania National Guard members in need. Orders should be submitted to PNGAS at Biddle Hall. 






  Executive Director Tim Gwinn and Senator Robert P. Casey, Jr.

Executive Director Tim Gwinn speaks with Sen. Robert P. Casey, Jr., inside the headquarters of the Pennsylvania National Guard Associations, during a tour at Fort Indiantown Gap, Oct. 22, 2014. 

PNGAS appreciates Sen. Casey's interest and support in helping us to 'Guard the Guard' and make sure the Pennsylvania National Guard remains one of the strongest and most capable National Guards in the nation. During his visit to Fort Indiantown Gap, Sen. Casey also strongly pushed for continued funding for Pennsylvania National Guard's Counterdrug Joint Task Force and Northeast Counterdrug Training Center. PNGAS wholeheartedly supports the Pennsylvania National Guard's Counterdrug Joint Task Force and Northeast Counterdrug Training Center at Fort Indiantown Gap, and stands with Sen. Casey in pushing for continued funding for this important and valuable resource for Pennsylvania and law enforcement agencies.





On March 11, 2014, PNGAS visited the Pennsylvania Congressional Delegation at the Capitol in Washington, D.C. Led by PNGAS Chair Joel Mutschler, Vice Chair Angela Stateler, along with Maj. Gen.Wesley Craig, association members fanned out across Capitol Hill to brief the Pennsylvania National Guard congressional delegation on our federal legislative priorities and issues of concern. Key concerns discussed this year were the establishment of an independent National Commission on the Structure of the Army, Veterans status for National Guard/Reserve members regardless of if their service was under Title 10 or Title 32 of the United States Code, and funding for the Counterdrug Joint Task Force. PNGAS would like to thank U.S. Representative G.T. Thompson for hosting our annual congressional reception held at the end of the day in the Rayburn House Office Building.

Read the letter to Chuck Hagel,  
Secretary of Defense, about the proposed future of the National Guard.



See MG Wesley Craig's vision
for the role of the National Guard
in the Army of the future.



Call, write or email your state representative to ask him or her to contact the House leadership to urge them to move Senate Bill 803, which restores the local earned income tax exemption for ALL active duty military pay.  Enactment of this legislation is our Number One legislative priority for the Fall 2014 session days.



2014 Annual Conference  


PNGAS  held its 2014 Annual Conference on 25 - 27 April 2014 at the Crowne Point Hotel in Harrisburg. The Conference, "A Return to Tradition," was  a rousing success!  It featured presentations by Governor Tom Corbett, Army General Lou Wagner, MG Wesley Craig, the Adjutant General, and a surprise appearance by the founder of the Pennsylvania National Guard, Dr. Benjamin Franklin.  The Annual State Dinner featured an entertaining and insightful speech by Rocky Bleier, Pittsburgh Steeler running back and Vietnam veteran.
Click here for pictures of the 2014 Annual Conference.
Click here for pictures of the 2014 Annual Conference Dinner



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